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Semi-Private Class Schedule (Summer 2020)
Drop-Ins are always welcome, but reservations are recommended to ensure your spot in equipment classes.
Private & Duet sessions are also available at the time of your choice (Monday-Saturday 7am-8pm by appointment). 
Classical Pilates Milton, GA. Classical Pilates Canton, GA


      MON     9:00 am       Barrels, mat/tower variations, chair (studio)


                  9:00 am          Zoom Online Pilates Class   


TUES    10:00 am       Tower/Apparatus* (studio)

                     7:00 pm       Tower/Apparatus*  (studio)


WED           9:00 am       Apparatus (Reformer, chairs, barrels, oh my!) (Studio)

              9:00 am          Zoom Online Pilates Class

THUR     10:00 am      Reformer Circuit  (studio)

                                  6:00 pm      Reformer Circuit  (studio)

                       6:00 pm          Zoom Online Pilates Class

FRI         10:00 am      Open Level Pilates Mat (studio)


              10:00 am        Zoom Online Pilates Class


SAT        10:00 am      Tower/Apparatus* (studio)

                     10:00 am         Zoom Online Pilates Class

*Zoom Online Semi-Private Classes:  Please contact us @ 770-609-9125 (call or text)  for Zoom login/password  information. All Zoom semi-private classes are  $15/each. These classes are taught in concert with traditional

semi-private studio classes. We teach technique variations for each class so you can participate with us at home on the mat! Light weights, magic circles, and therabands are recommended for an added challenge.


 *Tower/Apparatus Class:  This class gives the instructor the flexibility (based on number of reservations and overall class level) to teach the class either primarily on the Reformer or Tower. As a general rule, 4 or less students will participate in apparatus (reformer circuit) class, 5 or more students will participate in tower class, but this will ultimately be up to the instructor's discretion. 

Please see "Session  Types" tab for full class descriptions. Pilates is a system that works best when all pieces of equipment in the sytem are used together to strengthen, lengthen, and tone the body.

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