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Private & Duet Sessions
In Studio, Monday-Saturday by appointment
(50 minutes)     

Single Session Rates (per person)

                         Private session       $ 80  
                         Duet session           $ 50

                         Trio Session            $ 45

Series Discount Pricing (per person) 

              Private Series of 10  sessions   $ 640  
              Duet Series     of 10  sessions   $ 420  
              Trio Series      of 10  sessions   $ 350  



*Discount Bank of Money Rates:

These per person banks of money can be used to mix and match session types.

(Including small group equipment and Pilates mat classes.) 

$335 bank of money

 Private session     $ 67

                             Duet Session         $ 45

                             Trio Session          $ 35




$640 bank of money

(Best Value!)

                            Private session    $ 64

                            Duet Session        $ 40

                            Trio Session         $ 32


Zoom or FaceTime (Online) privates, duets, and trio sessions are also available. Current rates apply. 

Semi-Private Studio
Pilates Apparatus, Pilates Mat,
Pilates Tower & TRX Classes

(50 minutes)

*Small Group Class Rates 


(Small group equipment & mat classes are led by all Instructors on staff) 

Drop-in Class Rates:



                      Apparatus (reformer) class   $39

                      Reformer/Wunda class          $39

                      Tower class                              $29

                      Tower TRX Fusion Class         $29

                      Open Level Mat Class              $18




*Class Discount 

Bank of Money Rates:


$150 small group class

bank of money

(This option also offers clients standing appointments in classes)



Reduces Class Cost To:


                   Apparatus (Reformer) class   $ 30

                   Reformer/Wunda Class          $ 30

                   Tower class                              $ 23

                   Tower TRX Fusion Class          $ 23

                   Open Level Mat class               $ 15



*New Client Intro Special or previous experience on the Pilates apparatus is required (at a minimum) to enter small group equipment classes.  Small group equipment classes are intended for healthy bodies.  Clients with injuries and/or special conditions are better and more safely accommodated in private sessions on the apparatus. Please see "Session Types" page for complete information on all semi-private classes. 

Open Level Pilates Mat Class

                  Series of 5           $ 75.00 ($15/session)

        Zoom Online Semi-Private Pilates Mat Classes : $18/each

 New Client Intro Special!
3 Private Sessions $150

($240 value, one time only please.)

Pilates For Dressage® Specialized Training
PFD Mounted Sessions                             PFD Studio Equipment Sessions

                                   (Private Session, at your barn)                                             (In Studio, Monday-Saturday by Appointment)    

                                            $75/session                                                Private, Duet, & semi-private sessions available! 


Mat Class for Equestrians

Please contact Studio for appointment options and pricing.

Price based on class duration, location, and number of riders attending.

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