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Sessions & Classes - Classical Pilates Milton, GA  Classical Pilates Canton, Ga  TRX Milton TRX Canton

Semi-Private Classes
3-6 students (50 minutes)

MON       10:00am     Apparatus (Reformer)

TUES       10:00am     Tower/Apparatus*

                   7:00pm      Tower/Apparatus*

WED           9:00am       Wunda Chair              




THUR       10:00am     Reformer/Wunda

                  6:00pm      Apparatus (Reformer)


FRI           10:00am     Open Level Mat


SAT          10:00am     Tower/Apparatus*


     The Pilates system can be individually tailored to enhance performance in any sport or modality. ​Private sessions are designed by the instructor to meet the specific training needs of the individual client. Our instructors will evaluate posture, movement patterns, and areas of strength and weakness. They will also discuss wellness goals with the client to provide a well-rounded session.  Private sessions will utilize small and large apparatus and mat exercises. Private sessions are the preferred option for clients looking for customized training solutions for their specific needs. 


     Internet Private sessions are also available for clients upon request. Please contact studio for more information. 

​            Duet Sessions

      Duet sessions (2 students) also utilize both small and large apparatus and mat exercises to create a well-rounded session for both clients. Duets are the best of both worlds: the energy of a class but yet the personal attention of a private session.

     Our instructors will work closely with you and your partner to design sessions that work best for both participants. Duet sessions allow the instructor to  provide more individualized attention than a semi-private class which helps both participants achieve the results they desire in a shorter amount of time.

Trio sessions (3 students) are also available at your group's preferred time upon request. 

​Private Sessions
 Pilates for Dressage® Sessions


    These sessions are tailored specifically for equestrians. They help to develop the  independent seat, leg, and hands that are necessary to become a well balanced rider. Pilates for Dressage® teaches the rider how to use the body to be effective in communicating non-verbally to their horse. Non-verbal communication between horse and rider is powerful. When the rider's body communicates harmoniously with their horse, the horse becomes a happier, healthier partner which translates into an awesome riding experience for everyone. 


     Riding well takes cores strength, body awareness, and flexibility. Studio sessions on the reformer and mat are essential in developing the strength, flexibility, and posture needed for a good seat and effective contact. Mounted sessions address posture and level 1 biomechanics for the rider while on their horse at their chosen location. 


     Pilates for Dressage® studio sessions are also available as duets and semi-privates with the partner or small group of your choice. Pilates for Dressage® mat classes for small groups  are also available. Mounted sessions are only available as privates at this time.


     All  Pilates for Dressage® sessions are by appointment only. Price is based on session type, location, duration, and number of riders attending. Please contact the studio for more information or to schedule your  session. 

Semi-Private Eqpt Classes

Tower Class    

     This semi private class is limited to 3-6 students. It is  designed to tone and strengthen all the musculature of your body and improve body alignment and posture using the Cadillac/Tower apparatus, mat, and small props. Tower classes are highly versatile and can be tailored to accomodate a large range of participants from beginners to the most advanced student. 


Apparatus (Reformer Circuit) Class
     This semi private class is limited to 4 students that move through the many different pieces of equipment  in the Pilates system. This circuit  can

 include the cadillac/tower, mat, barrels, chairs, and small props with the majority of the workout being on the reformer. It is more advanced than a tower class because students will learn equipment settings as well as proper transitions for optimal flow between exercises. Instructor pre-approval is required to attend.

Wunda Chair Class

      This semi private apparatus class is limited to 3 students. This class is the ultimate challenge and reserved for the strong intermediate to advanced clients. This class will move through the many different pieces of equipment in the Pilates system including the reformer, barrels, towers, mat, and small props, with the majority of the workout being performed on the wunda chair. Instructor pre-approval is required to attend. 

Reformer/Wunda Class

   This semi private class is limited to 3-4 strong intermediate students. This circuit  can include the cadillac/tower, mat, barrels, chairs, and small props. The majority of the workout will be on the reformer.  Select exercises on the Wunda Chair are added (based on overall class level) for an extra challenge.  Instructor pre-approval is required to attend.


Semi-Private Equipment Class Attendance Requirements


     It is required that all new students  complete the Intro Special of 3 Private sessions (at a minimum) or have previous classical Pilates experience on the apparatus prior to  attending any semi-private equipment class. This is to ensure students have a good understanding of the original Pilates method, a solid knowledge of equipment safety, and command the level of strength and endurance necessary for participation.

      Ideally, students should be at the intermediate level on all apparatus to enter semi-private equipment classes. Instructor  pre-approval is required to attend any semi-private equipment class. **Due to the vigorous nature of these sessions, only healthy bodies can take advantage of semi-private equipment classes.  Clients with injuries and/or special conditions are better and more safely accommodated in private sessions on the apparatus. 


Tower/Apparatus Class*

    This class is limited to 3-6 students and gives the instructor the flexibility (based on number of reservations and overall class level) to teach either apparatus (reformer) 

or tower. As a general rule, 4 or less students will participate in apparatus (reformer) class, 5 or more students will participate in tower class, but this will ultimately be up to the Instructor's discretion in order to fit the needs of all students participating. Pilates is a system that works best when all pieces of equipment in the sytem are used to strengthen, lengthen, and tone the body. 


Tower TRX® Fusion Class

     This semi private class is limited to 3-5 students. It combines the strengthening and lengthening of a traditional Pilates tower class with TRX® suspension training which was designed by a Navy SEAL.  TRX® lets you perform hundreds of functional exercises utilizing your body weight against gravity with unstable balance points. This combination of training lets you build strength, flexibility, core stability, and endurance along the way!  TRX® exercises can help make your Pilates workouts stronger and vice versa.  

Semi-Private Eqpt Classes
Pilates Mat Classes

         This class is the essence of all Pilates work.  Mat Pilates classes are a series of floor exercises designed to create uniform development, long muscles, core strength and breath control. Pilates equipment such as the Magic Circle, small barrels, hand weights and polls are often utilized. This is an open level class, no prior experience is required.

     This is also primarily a drop-in class.  No reservations required. Please verify class schedule on this website and/or  the mindbody app to ensure weekly class availabilty. 

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