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Straight from the Source

Not all Pilates studios are the same. That’s VERY important as you try to find a studio. This isn’t your run of the mill Club Pilates type place…this studio provides precise movements with specific instruction, tailored to YOUR needs. Honestly, Club Pilates is basically for people who don’t exercise. Don’t expect to come here and use TRX equipment and do cardio for an hour. Expect to have specific instruction with the exact movements your body needs. You will be physically and mentally challenged as you move and become stronger.

I have a 20+ year back ground in weight lifting. I trained as a figure competitor from 2007-2016 (these are the pics I loaded) which resulted in muscle compensations that have led to random aches and pains over the years. Pilates has not only improved my strength in the weight room, but has eliminated my nagging pains due to imbalances (that I didn’t even know I had!!).

Julie is not only a wealth of knowledge regarding muscles, movement and classical form, but she’s skilled in injury management and progressing movements to ensure your session is challenging yet safe!! Truly a gift!!

If you have a ballet, figure skating or athletic background you can come here a confidently know that you will challenged with every session. If you’ve never tried Pilates, you must give it a try!

Kala Duncan

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