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     Pilates for Dressage® sessions are tailored specifically for equestrians.  This specialized cross training translates across all styles of riding. These sessions help to develop the  independent seat, leg, and hands  that are necessary to become a well balanced rider. Pilates for Dressage® teaches the rider how to use the body to be effective in communicating non-verbally to their horse. Non-verbal communication between horse and rider is powerful. When the rider's body communicates harmoniously with their horse, the horse becomes a happier, healthier partner which translates into an awesome riding experience for everyone. 


    As  Pilates for Dressage® Assistant Instructors, we are certified Romana's Pilates instructors who have also passed additional intensive specialized training  in Ocala, Florida with master instructor, Janice Dulak.

We understand how to teach riders to achieve harmony with their horses using foundation biomechanics and correct posture through Pilates. This program requires strict training and continuing education in order to allow us to best help our clients and their horses.


We offer the following as part of this specialized training:

Pilates for Dressage®  mat classes  (both in studio or at your barn)
Pilates for Dressage®  studio equipment sessions
Pilates for Dressage®  mounted posture evaluation
Pilates for Dressage®  full mounted session


Private sessions available both in the studio and mounted. Duet and semi-private studio equipment sessions also available. Please contact us for more details. 

Mounted session in progress at the Parelli Ranch in Ocala, Fl

Classical Pilates Milton, GA Classical pilates Canton, GA  Pilates for Dressage Milton, GA Pilates for Dressage Canton, GA

Pilates for Equestrians Milton Canton

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